Enquote: Enhance Your Literary Repertoire

Enquote is an app that helps you to better remember your favorite authors and their work. Everyone can identify the books they have enjoyed reading, but few can recount the specific passages that moved them the most. Avid readers are constantly absorbing new ideas and over time it is difficult to reflect back on everything they have read. Enquote helps by organizing passages to be used for personal reference that are available at any time through your iPhone.

This is one of the first iOS apps that I built. I wanted to build a simple app that solved a simple problem. In preparation for this app, I did a competitive analysis and explored APIs that would help make this app more useful. A summary of my research can be found in my project proposal. A summary of my project proposal can be found the presentation I made to introduce the app.

These are the exported screens from Sketch. Here is the working prototype and source.